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• ROMAVIA offers charter ad-hoc, on demand aviation services, interacting with the business market place (VIP, business, groups and sport charter).
• Over more than decade, we have built up an outstanding reputation for responsiveness, efficiency, professionalism, safety and service.
MAINTENANCE ( ... more ... )
• ROMAVIA has been operating and maintaining aircraft for more than 20 years and provides complete nose to tail base and line maintenance support packages.
• ROMAVIA is a cost effective, single source solution for customers looking to control their expenses without sacrificing quality and safety.
• ROMAVIA offers fast turn times, excellent quality, competitive pricing and exceptional customer support all delivered with the highest level of reliability.
• ROMAVIA's vast experience, knowledge and qualifications has earned us the reputation as the go to facility for quality repair. Our capability list: LC-DT-RMV
The monitoring, collation and review of airworthiness data for applicability and the provision of recommended actions, including:
• Review and recommendation of EASA ARC renewals and issues on non Part M controlled aircraft
• EASA ARC issue and extension for aircraft where the records are under ROMAVIA Part M control
• Liaison with EASA on certification issues
• Monitoring and distribution of legislation changes for review
• Production and control of Continued Airworthiness Management Expositions (CAME)
• Independent audit function of Quality Assurance functions
DESIGN (... coming soon...)
• Classification of changes and repairs as Major or Minor
• Design and approval of changes to EASA aircraft
• Design of repairs to aircraft structure based on the aircraft SRM
• Minor changes to cabin configurations and furnishings excluding seat structure and galley structure
• Design and approval of electrical and avionics changes
• Design and recommendation of major changes and repairs for EASA aircraft
• Development of manual supplements in support of minor and major changes and repairs